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Adaptation Strategies for Reducing Extreme Heat Health Impacts: A Rapid Review

This report identifies extreme heat adaptation strategies that might be feasibly implemented before and during summer 2022, with a focus on vulnerable populations. Information for this report was collected through a rapid review of published and grey literature and summarizes the current evidence on strategy effectiveness and cost, as well as factors influencing implementation and utilization. In total, 51 strategies were identified, with 10 strategies having effectiveness data, and 12 strategies having information on the facilitators and barriers to implementation/utilization. Overall, extreme heat adaptation options are available and were generally effective in reducing population-level heat-related adverse outcomes when implemented as part of a heat health action plan or warning system, but the evidence supporting the effectiveness and implementation of single strategies in isolation is lacking.

Publication Type: Rapid Reviews

Year of Publication: 2022

Topics: Adaptation, Extreme Heat Events

Authors: Lindsey Warkentin, Carmen Moga, Lisa Tjosvold

ISBN (online): 978-1-989429-11-2